Handmade jewellery from Cornwall

Affirmation Heart Necklaces

Like the chunky hearts, these are all made from Mary’s own particular palette of colours and set with an exquisite Swarovski crystal and minute Millefiori slices. The heart is set in sterling silver casing with an engraving on the back which reads one of:

‘I AM’

All of the above are presented on a strong 16 inch sterling silver chain.

The idea is that the wearer uses the words to start their own positive statement, to be kept in mind, or even better said out loud on a consistent basis. Repeated regularly, affirmations are very effective in bringing about change, helping to boost confidence, break undesirable habits or counter worries.

Now it must be confessed that this line of jewellery was dreamed up by Mary after finally giving up smoking with the help of affirmation statements. And if you were running along beside her some morning you might hear her chanting I LOVE running up hills… everyday and in every way I AM getting stronger and faster…

Because these necklaces are designed to be worn as everyday jewellery their ability to withstand wear and tear is essential. The construction of each one is a careful handmade process created by Mary so she is totally confident that regardless of the wearers’ lifestyle these beautiful little affirmation hearts will remain just as they left the studio.

Because these make such wonderful gifts, we send them to you in a beautifully presented box with silver polishing cloth, information on affirmations and the gems used, and package it in an outer organza drawstring bag.

Single Affirmation Hearts


Grey Grey

Purple Purple

Black and Pink

Pale Turquoise and Fuschia

Deep Turquoise and Fuschia

Pale Turquiose and Capri Blue



Soft Lime and Fuschia

Hot Pink



Affirmation Hearts with additional Gemstone/s


Grey Grey with moonstone and labrodite

Purple Purple with Pearl and crystal

Deep Turquoise and Fuschia with Turquoise

Soft Lime and Fuschia with Peridot

Pale turquoise and fuschia with Apatite

Hot Pinks with Pearl

Black and White with Pearl

White with Pearl

Pale Turquoise and Capri Blue with Pearl


Triple Affirmation Hearts


Triple 2



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