Millifiori Heart Necklaces

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The studio and Mary at work

Blue and pink with turquoise or howlite

Approx Size:
Small - 20h x 10w x 4.5d (mm)
Large - 30h x 13w x 4.5d (mm)

Suede length:

I am delighted with my totally new range of millefiori pendants. They have a lot more intricate detail than their predessessors, hence a lot more fiddly work, but i think theyre well worth it. They really utilise the millefiori skills so inherant in my work, and the end result is a very durable little pendant.

They make great present for teens (in my experience) as they dont require any looking after. Every one has a gem or crystal threaded on to silver wire which is embedded into the millefiori slice and they should be everlasting as the design is fused through the piece. All come on faux suede in a logo'd box with a gem description where appropriate

Small £10.00 each

Large £12.50 each


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